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Frontier Hospitality Group is a special company.  We have been proudly operating in the hospitality industry since 1950 and as such our operational capabilities are deep. We have begun to marshal our experience in hotel operations and apply it to new hotel development. When you take this significant “know how” and apply it to new brands in great locations, the results are impressive.

There are many hotel development companies who develop a lot of hotels. While we are an old company, we are also a new company on a growth path. We find we have a fantastic collective skill set which enables us to excel at development. We are honest and forthright developers who do exactly what we say we are going to do. We negotiate a fair deal, but don’t look to take the last nickel off the table. We are also willing to put extra resources into quality design and finishes which set our hotel’s apart.

Our competitive edge, and what makes us an exciting company is we aren’t just developers, we are hoteliers. Developers succeed in good times. Hoteliers succeed over the long haul through all the ups and downs of the economic cycle. Another edge is we aren’t so large that we’ve lost touch with daily operations. As owners we are engaged, involved and present. Over time our attention to daily operations makes a difference.

Frontier Hospitality Group

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Frontier Hospitality Group is a values driven company celebrating its’ 74th year of business in 2024.  Although a small company today, our hope is to continue to grow our company with the right hotels in the right markets as we uncover opportunities.

Our mission is to use our Midwestern roots and values to create a rich culture where our guest and our team feel welcomed and appreciated. The values our founders put in place 74 years ago exist today and our entire team, from top to bottom, live by them in each and every one of our activities. Our current leadership team is genuine and authentic in who they are and in their expectations of each hotel team.

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Frontier Hospitality Group

Our Leadership

Dan Huber



In business, as in life, there are those who sit back and wait, and those who get right to it.  Dan Huber takes great pride in “getting right to it.”  He has been a co-owner of Frontier Hospitality Group since 2007, CEO since 2014.

After a successful career running chambers of commerce and economic development organizations, Dan joined forces with Bart Baker to marshal the Frontier’s 74 years of hospitality business “know-how” into a dynamic development company.  The entire team focuses on the values of Frontier founders: Honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and result orientation.

Dan has a history of being a high achiever.  He was first named CEO of a chamber of commerce at age 25, and became CEO of Iowa’s third largest chamber of commerce at 29.  He has been recognized as a community leader and difference maker in the Quad Cities since 1999.  Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad named Dan to the Iowa Department of Transportation Commission in 2014.

Dan often remarks on the difference between a hotel run by mere developers and those run by true hoteliers.  “Hoteliers will give a guest an experience exceeding all expectations.  We create a true home away from home.  The quality of our Frontier people, their training, and our systems, create personal and memorable guest experiences.  And we want our team, as well as our guests, to feel appreciated and welcome.”  Frontier employees, selected for their character as well as their skills, respect Dan’s sense of urgency and his focus on results.  He sets the bar high, bringing everyone together to achieve big things.

Being a father to Adelyn, Allyson and Celia is what Dan considers his greatest honor and achievement.

Bart Baker



Exceeding expectations has been Bart Baker’s guiding principle in both business and personal life.

Following the example of his parents who established the company’s first venture into hospitality in 1950, Bart has used his education (MBA and Mechanical Engineer) and his energy to expand the business to multiple properties.  His vision of growth has been supported by his acknowledgement and nurturing of employees at all levels.  The many awards Bart’s hotels have garnered over the years are a reflection of the hard work of staff as well as his own focus on training and teamwork.  Bart sets the bar high, for himself and those on the team.  Success has come because of attributes like foresightedness, perseverance, and thoughtful listening to those on the “front lines.” Best Western International has benefited from his advisory input during the 25 years he has served as a governor.

Community service is important to Bart, and he has generously given time, energy and wisdom to efforts that benefit those who share his world.  As 2013 Chairman of the John Deere Classic Golf Tournament, he found the most satisfying aspect was the $6.8 million raised for local charities.  He serves on several boards which aim to enrich lives in the area.  Despite his outside commitments, Bart finds time to be an attentive and loving father to his two daughters.